Premiere Pro Essentials

Adobe Premiere Pro Essentials Course

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Onsite

Training Modules (Overview)

  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Importing Footage
  • Essentials Editing Techniques
  • Motion Stabilisation
  • Working with Effects
  • Chroma Keying (Green Screen)
  • Audio
  • Introduction to Motion
  • Creating Titles
  • Speed Change
  • Transitions
  • Project Management
  • Exporting

What You Get

  • Adobe Classroom in a Book After Course Reference Material (eBook)
  • Class Exercises Relevant to Industry
  • AATC Adobe Authorised Certificate
  • Choice of Mac or PC
  • After Course Support
  • Free Course Resit
  • Small Classes (average 5 to 8)


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Course Outline


  • Video Terminology
  • TV Broadcast Standards
  • Social Media Standards
  • SMPTE Timecode
  • Best Practice Workflows
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Introduction to Premiere Pro

  • Create & Save a Premiere Project
  • Close Projects
  • Projects vs Sequences
  • Create Sequences at Correct Settings
  • Change Existing Sequence Settings
  • Premiere's User Interface
  • Explore the Panels
  • Customise & Save Workspaces
  • Overview of the Main Panels
  • Asset Management
  • Use Bins (Folders)
  • Preferences

Import Assets

  • Techniques for Importing Assets
  • Import Video & Audio Formats (Assets)
  • Import Photoshop, Illustrator Files & Images
  • Organize Footage into Bins

Basic Editing Techniques

  • Placing Clips onto the Timeline
  • Overwrite vs Insert Edits
  • Navigate the Timeline
  • Select, Move & Trim Clips on the Timeline
  • Edit Clips on the Timeline
  • The Ripple Edit Tool
  • Snap to CTI & other Clips
  • Timeline 'Sticky' Settings
  • Use the Source Monitor (Setting In & Out Points)
  • Add & Remove Tracks
  • Source Patching
  • Undo's & Re-do's
  • Delete Gaps

Creating Titles

  • The Text Tool
  • Basic Text Parameters
  • Use The Shape Tools
  • Use the Gradient Fill
  • Edit Text in the Essential Graphics Panel
  • Use Text Styles
  • Adobe Stock Motion Graphics Templates

Working with Effects

  • Apply Effects
  • Effect Controls Panel
  • 'Fixed' Effects vs 'Added' Effects
  • Save & Re-using Effects
  • Introduction to the Lumetri Color Panel
  • Copy FX vs Copying Attributes
  • Frequently Used Effects
  • Adjustment Layers

Creating Transitions

  • Add Transitions
  • Edit Transitions
  • Apply Video Transitions to Multiple Clips
  • Change Default Transitions
  • Replace Transitions
  • Change Default Duration of Transitions
  • Audio Transitions

Stabilizing Footage

  • Analyse Footage with the Warp Stabilizer Effect
  • Smoothing Motion, Removing Motion

Chroma Keying (Green Screen)

  • The Ultra Key Effect

Advanced Editing

  • Arrange a Storyboard & Automating to the Timeline
  • Shuffle Edits
  • Advanced Editing Tools
  • Introduction to Nesting
  • J/L edits (Separate Audio & Video)
  • Replace Clips & Retaining FX Attributes
  • Picture in a Picture

Introduction Motion

  • The Motion Parameters
  • Introduction to Keyframing

Speed Change

  • Change Speed
  • Reverse Speed
  • Time Stretch Tool
  • Variable Time Remapping

Working with Audio

  • Audio Clips, Tracks & Master Volume
  • Adjust Audio Clip Levels in the Timeline
  • Essential Sound Panel
  • Auto Ducking Music to Dialogue

Export Projects

  • Export for Broadcast
  • Export for Web, Social Media & Mobile
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Pixel Aspect Ratios
  • Common DV Codecs
  • Save Export Presets

Project Manager

  • Basic Archiving Projects

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Premiere Pro Testimonials

It was great to have the opportunity to re-sit the course which refreshed my mind of skills I learned previously and helps with taking the use of the software further. Thank you.

Claus Huttenrauch, Graphic Designer

I would strongly suggest this course to anyone wanting an overview of Premiere Pro. Pace was excellent, Ben explained everything clearly and concisely. The use of diagram/visuals to explain how things worked was especially helpful!

Raina Macpherson, Graphic Designer

Trainer had a interesting background with broad knowledge to pass onto students. Trainer was more than happy to answer questions and attempt demonstrations of more complex requests

Nicholas Caris, CCTV Analyst

I don't want the course to end! Thanks for helping me understand the technicalities involved in editing videos and images. I'm going to have great fun piecing together various files and producing something on my own.

Jennifer Duncan, Corporate Affairs Advisor

Always enjoy attending session at CDT, always very informative and top quality in terms of the content. Even coming from a base of knowing nothing, you always go away inspired and actually knowing how to use the programs.

Kellie Barrett, Marketing Officer

I am amazed at how much content we covered, and how many practical skills I acquired, in just two days. This course has prepared me to teach Premiere Pro to my students with confidence, thank you!

Katherine Francis, Secondary school Visual Arts teacher

Ben was extremely knowledgeable in the craft of video editing and took the time to observe our individual needs and interests, incorporating this into certain steps of the course to keep things relevant. I felt comfortable speaking up and asking as many questions as I needed to, as Ben’s demeanour was fantastic, patient and very accommodating. Thanks very much for your guidance, Ben!

Steve Almanzi, Experience Advisor @ CGU Insurance

Ben is a very patient and knowledgeable trainer who went out of his way to answer extra questions unrelated to the topic on products which fit with Premiere Pro that we might need to use. The venue is comfortable and centrally located. A most enjoyable couple of days. Thank you.

Sharon Sherry, Marketing & Mem. Manager

Absolutely some of the best professional development I have done. It helped me to see the potential of the Premiere Pro and encourage me to continue to experiment and improve my skills.

Narelle Richards, Teacher

The trainer was extremely attentive, knowledgeable and patient. The course was entertaining and informative, and I am feeling much more confident in my ability to produce quality material.

Hayden Chan, ICT Support Analyst

Video & Special Effects Package

This highly specialised package will not only teach you how to start with video compositing but also takes it to the next level. We’ll also teach you advanced techniques using Premiere Pro, taught by trainers with real life video-editing experience. Then add special effects using After Effects and turn your video into digital masterpiece.