Intro to HTML5 & CSS3

Sydney, Melbourne and Onsite

Training Modules (Overview)

  • HTML Essentials
  • Website Structure
  • Marking Up Text with HTML5
  • Working with Tables, Images & Hyperlinks
  • Layout and Design Techniques
  • Styling a Web Page with CSS3
  • External Content
  • Search Engine Optimisation

What You Get

  • Free Course Resit
  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
  • Choice of Mac or PC
  • 130+ Page Printed Course Book
  • Professional Training Environment
  • Small Classes (average 4 to 8)


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Course Outline


  • About Web Technologies – How HTML5 and CSS3 Work Together, and the Role of JavaScript
  • Tools of the Trade – About Code Editors, Web Development Applications, Content Management Systems and Online
    Web Building Solutions
  • Web Standards – Following Conventions
  • About Web Browsers, and How to Test your Work
  • About HTML5 and Older Versions of HTML

HTML Essentials

  • Principles of HTML5 – Document Type, Document Structure, Tags and Attributes
  • The HTML5 Document Structure
  • Containers and Empty Tags
  • Inline & Block Level Elements – How Tags Display
  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Commenting your Code

Website Structure

  • Typical Website Structure – Files and Folders
  • File and Folder Naming Conventions – Case and Space
  • The Importance of Filename Extensions
  • Home Page Considerations

Marking Up Text with HTML5

  • About Whitespace
  • Using Headings and Paragraphs
  • Line Breaks
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists – Customising Lists
  • Bold and Italic


  • Inserting Images with HTML
  • About GIF, JPG & PNG and When to Use Them
  • Image Optimisation – Reducing File Size while Maintaining Quality
  • Image Resolution
  • The ‘Alt’ Attribute
  • The ‘Title’ Attribute

Working with Tables

  • When you Should Use Tables
  • Tables for Displaying Data


  • Terminology – Absolute vs Relative Paths
  • Targeting Links to Open in a New Window
  • Creating ‘Same Page’ Links
  • Links to downloadable Content
  • Applying Links to Images

Layout and Design Techniques

  • Using DIV Tags as Containers
  • Applying Styles to Divs for Layout and Design
  • Using Span Tags to Style Selected Content

Styling a Web Page with CSS3

  • Understanding CSS3 Syntax
  • Writing Syles that Apply to the Whole Page
  • Styling an Entire Website
  • Fonts – Using Device Fonts
  • Colour – Colour Names and using Hexadecimal Code
  • Typography – Fonts Size, Line Height and Other Properties
  • Using Classes to Style Individual Elements
  • Styling Hyperlinks with Pseudo-Classes

External Content

  • Embedding a Google Map
  • Embedding a YouTube Video

Search Engine Optimisation

  • How Good Coding means Good SEO
  • Strong vs Bold
  • The Importance of the Title Tag
  • HEAD Content – using META Tags for Page Descriptions

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HTML & Web Principles Testimonials

Well organised and presented by expert trainer.

Brian, Freelance Designer

Jonathon is great. He really knows the content - past, present and future. Great day of training.

Nicole, eLearning

Enjoyable, at good pace, I am leaving feeling equipped to practice by myself.

Shannon, Graphic Designer

Very good teacher, easy to understand and follow, nice training venue. I am glad to have done the HTML first before learning Dreamweaver.

Diana, Business Consultant

Fantastic. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of HTML Essentials.

Renae, Marketing Executive

Great introductory course, I would recommend this to anyone.

Cliff, Admin Executive

Trainer was fantastic! The day was well paced. I feel really well grounded for Dreamweaver tomorrow.

Jill, Designer

Very enjoyable, well-structured course led by knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Great for beginners or those revising their knowledge.

Karen, Admin Assistant