JavaScript Courses

Sydney, Melbourne and Onsite

Training Modules (Overview)

  • HTML & CSS Revision
  • Setting up JavaScript
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Declaring, Retrieving and Changing Variables
  • Objects & Functions
  • Conditional Statements & Loops
  • JavaScript Plugins
  • Implementing a Hamburger Menu Plugin
  • Introduction to jQuery

What You Get

  • 12 Months Access to Help Desk
  • No Risk! Money Back Guarantee
  • Choice of Mac or PC
  • Professional Training Environment

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Course Outline

HTML Revision

  • Tags
  • Document Structure

CSS Revision

  • Tags
  • Classes
  • IDs

JavaScript Setup

  • Where to Add the JavaScript Code
  • Calling in External JavaScript Files
  • Order and Timing – Waiting for the Page to Load
  • Using Alert, Prompt and Confirm
  • Testing with the Console
  • The Rules of Writing JavaScript
  • The Onload Function

Understanding Data Types
Primitive Data Types

  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Booleans

Declaring, Retrieving and Changing Variables

  • Using the Var Keyword
  • Operators
  • Concatenation


  • Longhand and Shorthand


  • Writing and Calling on Custom Functions
  • Parameters

Conditional Statements

  • Conditional Logic
  • Else Conditions
  • Comparison Operators
  • Multiple Conditions
  • AND and OR


  • Repeating Code a Number of Times

Using For Loops

  • Optional – Reference an Array with a For Loop

Optional – Using For/In Loops

  • Optional – Referencing Objects with a For/In Loop

JavaScript Plugins

  • Where to Look for Pre-Written JavaScript Plugins
  • Understanding Plugin Requirements

Implementing a Hamburger Menu Plugin

  • Finding Required Files and Code
  • Inserting Required HTML into Our own HTML
  • Inserting Required CSS into Our own CSS
  • Setting Up an Onload Function
  • Inserting Required JavaScript into the Function
  • Optional – Modifying and Customising the Menu


  • What is jQuery
  • How to Recognise When it is Needed
  • Versions of jQuery
  • Loading in the jQuery Libraries
  • The jQuery Document Ready Function

Implementing a jQuery Slideshow Plugin

  • Finding Required Files and Code
  • Inserting Required HTML into Our Own HTML
  • Inserting Required CSS into Our Own CSS
  • Setting Up a Document Ready Function
  • Inserting Required JavaScript into the Function

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JavaScript Testimonials

Enjoyable, at good pace, I am leaving feeling equipped to practice by myself.

Shannon, Graphic Designer

Well organised and presented by expert trainer.

Brian, Freelance Designer

Very good teacher, easy to understand and follow, nice training venue. I am glad to have done the HTML first before learning Dreamweaver.

Diana, Business Consultant

Great introductory course, I would recommend this to anyone.

Cliff, Admin Executive

Jonathon is great. He really knows the content - past, present and future. Great day of training.

Nicole, eLearning

Trainer was fantastic! The day was well paced. I feel really well grounded for Dreamweaver tomorrow.

Jill, Designer

Fantastic. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to gain a good understanding of HTML Essentials.

Renae, Marketing Executive

Very enjoyable, well-structured course led by knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Great for beginners or those revising their knowledge.

Karen, Admin Assistant

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